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Africa Berlin International Conference
From 14 March 2016 To 18 March 2016
TypeInternational - Conference

It is difficult to write about agriculture and health challenges in Africa without reiterating the grim picture invariably portrayed in many reports on the continent. Evidences have revealed that morbidity and mortality statistics in Africa and other developing countries always reach six or seven digit numbers. Almost every year, millions of people in Africa and other developing countries either suffer from malnourishment or are infected with malaria, HIV, tuberculosis (TB), TB-HIV co-infection and other debilitating infectious diseases. Recently, some parts of the continent has been overwhelmed by the deadly Ebola outbreak, which the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank have all predicted will apparently affect Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the affected countries. In addition to colossal losses of human resources, these incidences have imposed heavy economic burdens and constrains on an already impoverished continent. For the Ebola outbreak, though some countries in Africa seem to have escaped the tragic impact of the disease, nevertheless, other countries are still overwhelmed by the outbreak. While the disease is still rampaging in some countries and apprehensions of its reoccurrence in the previously affected countries are obvious, the world attention and media coverage the disease was garnering at first appears to be declining.

How can the agricultural and health sectors work more closely and synergistically in order to contribute significantly in addressing prevalent poverty, low standard of living, low income and socioeconomic development in Africa? The 2015 ABIC is in search of actionable solutions to these and many more issues that present substantial implications on the healthcare and agriculture in Africa, vis-à-vis their implications on socioeconomic development.
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